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‘ս 佺Ƽ’ ״ ֵǴ Ʈ, 27 154 ÿ 432 Դϴ. 7 1Ϻ 31ϱ Ǵ 佺Ƽ Ϸ簡 ƴ , ƴ ϻ󿡼 ִ ȭ ȯ ڴ ̷, پ 帣 ϰ ˴ϴ. 432 Ͽ콺ܼƮ ȸ Ͽ б, ̼, ī ϻ Ҽ , Ŭ ߽ , , 帣 , ؿ ̸ پ 帣 մϴ.

‘Գ, 𿡼, ’ ϻ Բϴ (Arts for everyone, everywhere, everyday) ν ȭ ϰ ڴ ȭ ִ ‘ս 佺Ƽ’ ų ƼƮ ȹ, ڹ Ͽ ϴ. ͹Ͼ ü ̸ ʿϴ ū ȴٴ 佺Ƽ 佺Ƽ Բ Ȯϰ մϴ.

The “One Month Festival”, as the title suggests, is a project that hosts concerts during an entire month; it’s a festival that features 432 concerts in 155 cities of 27 different countries. By hosting concerts of different genres and characters everyday for the entire month, from July 1st to July 31st, the festival attempts to create a sustainable cultural environment, where cultural experiences can be part of our lives not just for one day or one month, but on a daily basis. A total of 432 concerts will be held not only at concert halls, but also at house concertstyle salon concert environments, schools, art museums, and other small daily alternatives, featuring diverse genres of music including mainly classical music, but also jazz, Korean traditional music, experimental music, and more, as well as a variety of dance performances and theater plays.

The “One Month Festival”, a cultural movement with an ambition to enrich the cultural foundation by promoting arts for one month under slogan “Arts for everyone, everywhere, everyday,” is an international collaborative project where artists and promoters from all around the world gathered with The House Concert under the same goal. The festival itself is a statement that even a small single effort can make a big impact with a great force when accumulated.

: Ͽ콺ܼƮ (The House Concert) / Ŀ : ѱȭȸ (Arts Council Korea)