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The House Concert


While sitting on the floor letting the music wash over my entire body, I realized once again that the true beauty of listening to music lies in feeling comprehensive sensation. I wanted to spread a culture where music can be enjoyed in everyday places instead of formal concert halls.
- Artistic Director, Park Chang Soo from Chosun Ilbo

The House Concert is non-profit cultural organization in Seoul, South Korea and has held small-scale music concerts initiated in the house of Park Chang Soo who is an artistic director of the House Concert as well as a composer/pianist. The House Concert is remarkable for the unusual experience it offers to appreciate music not only by listening but also by feeling the vibration through wooden floors. It reduces the physical and psychological distance between the stage and the audience. Consistently making experiments on small spaces, the House Concert has worked on various genres such as classical music, traditional Korean music, jazz, popular music, experimental art, and independent film with more than 3,000 artists until now.
Applying the main concept to domestic cultural arts venue, the House Concert started its project House Concert in Your Town in 2012. The projects main goals are to increase the utilization rate of local concert halls, to attract a diverse audience, and to offer artists opportunities to perform on stage. It ultimately aims for the cultural development in South Korea through vitalizing cooperation of local concert halls, audience, and artists. This project has been held even in rural areas and is also loved by people for its original concept of audience seating on stage, thus reducing the distance between the artists and the audience. The House Concert also has been hosting an annual festival as well as educational program for children and a discovering talented musician all over the nation. Through these projects, the House Concert has been strengthening the cultural foundation while sowing the seeds of small-scale performances all over the nation.

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