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‘ս 佺Ƽ’ 7 , پ Ʈ̴. 帣, ο Ƹ߾, ̳  Ϳ ʴ پ缺 ġ Ͽ ‘ ϻ ִ ’(Arts alive) ̰, ǰ ȭ °踦 ڴ ȭ . , SNS(̽) ǽð ߰Ͽ Ÿ پѰ, , , 𿡼 ‘ȭ ִ ’ ִٴ ޼ ´.

2017 ‘ս 佺Ƽ’ 28 122 ÿ 614 . Ŭ ߽ , , Ҿ , ̼, ũ α׷ ̸ پ 帣 ߴ. Ϲ ƴ϶ SNS(̽) ûڸ ϴ α׷ ȮǾ, ̸ , , 𿡼 ÷μ ɼ Ȯ״. پ 帣 ƼƮ Ϲα Ӱ ̹ 佺Ƽ , , å/ Ұ, ϻ ӿ ‘ȭ’ پ 佺Ƽ ҰǾ ִ ̵ ‘Բ ’ ǹ̸ شȭ ״. ó õ ũ ݵ ǥ 238% ޼Ͽ Բ , ư Բ μ ɼ Ȯߴ.

One Month Festival is a month-long project that hosts concerts from all over the world every July. It was organized under the purpose of creating a cultural environment where art can be enjoyed not just for a day but a month, and not just for a month, but for every day. As a cultural movement to cultivate “Arts Alive” in our daily lives, it values diversity regardless of space, genres, proficiency, national and ideological differences, and also offers that we can celebrate and get together beyond physical distance by broadcasting performances via social media.

As part of One Month Festival 2017, 614 programs were held in 122 cities in 28 countries. The performances encompassed various genres ranging from classical music to jazz, traditional music, experimental music, as well as theater, dance, fine art and talk programs. Also, in addition to offline shows, programs for online(Facebook) viewers have been greatly expanded, resulting more possibilities as an open platform that anyone can participate anytime, anywhere. This year’s festival was open not only for professional artists, but also anyone who wanted to participate. So diverse “culture” in our daily lives such as reading, drawing, introducing books, and building Lego was presented, and this collection of ideas in various styles maximized the purpose of “festival created by everyone.” Furthermore, a crowdfunding campaign for the festival was conducted for the first time and 238% of the goal was achieved, which also showed a great possibility as festival that everyone can share together.