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2018 One Month Festival

‘ս 佺Ƽ’ 7 ް پ յǴ Ʈ̴. 帣, ο Ƹ߾  ʰ ϻ ִ پ ް ν, ‘ȭ’ ܹ߼ ̺Ʈ ϴ ƴ϶, 츮 ‘ ȭ ִ ’ Ǿ Ѵٴ Ҹ ȭ .
2018 ‘ս 佺Ƽ’ “ ȭ, ȳϽŰ. – Live Your Culture” Ͽ, پ о߿ ̲, 佺Ƽ ̵ ڽ ϻ ӿ ȭ ƺ ִ ⸦ ϰ ߴ. 7 ް 20 346 , ߽ پ о߿ Ҿ , 뺻 , ȭ/ Ұ ϻ ϴ ȭ ҵ ԵǾ,  SNS(̽) ǽð ߰ Ǿ. 
, , 𼭳 ÷ν ִ ̵ ‘Բ ’ ǹ̸ ‘ս 佺Ƽ’ Ư, ۳⿡ ̾ ũ ݵ ٽ õ, ǥ 209% ޼Ͽ Բ , Բ μ ɼ Ȯߴ.
One Month Festival is a cultural project where various concerts and contents coalesce during the month of July. By putting no restrictions on space, genre, and profession, and showcasing various forms of performing arts within our daily lives for a month, the festival acts as a cultural movement asserting that “culture” is not just a momentary event, but one that exists for everyone to live a “life with culture.”
The One Month Festival in 2018, under the theme “Live Your Culture,” provided a cause to attract participants from many different fields of art, and look back on various cultures within the lives of everyone who participated. A total of 346 contents from 20 different countries convened for the entire month of July; the contents, which were cultural segments of each individual’s daily life, mainly featured music along with other performing arts such as drawing, play reading, introducing films/photography, etc, and were all broadcast live on Facebook.
One Month Festival which signifies a “festival that we build ourselves” with unique ideas from each individual, is an open platform that anyone can participate whenever and wherever. In particular, just like last year, it successfully initiated a crowd funding campaign again and reached its goal by 209%, which reassured its potential as a festival that we build and share together on our own.