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IIIZ+ : Jocelyn Clark(߱), Miki Maruta(), Yi-Chieh Lai(), (屸)
2015. 7. 20. Mon. 8pm

450ȸ Ͽ콺ܼƮ

     2015 7 20() 8

                Jocelyn Clark(߱), Miki Maruta(), Yi-Chieh Lai(), (屸)

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Stefan Hakenberg (b. 1960, )

, , ߱, 屸 "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors" (1998) *ѱʿ

I. Clang

II. Hum
III. Pep
IV. Hold 
V. Concurrent

ݿ (1923-1987, ѱ)
ݿ ߱ ª

Hiroko Ito (Ϻ)
, ߱, , 屸 "Goblin's Lagoon" (2006)


Wei-Tsu Fan (b. 1958 븸) 

  "Savor, Reverie and Chaos" (2007) 

Sawai Tadao ( 1937-1997, Ϻ)
並 갡(Song of Praise) (1978)

Saitoh Tetsu (斉 b. 1955,  Ϻ)

4 , ̽, ŸDZ⸦ " ()" (1995) / , , ߱, 屸


IIIZ+( ƽþ ӻ) :

Ŭ | Jocelyn Clark(߱)

Ŭ ̱ ˷ī ֳ뿡 б 1987 ǰ 췯 •• ٳ. 1992 ǿ ߱ Ͽ ũ Latenight ø 巹 Global Ear ø, ± Asian Art Festival ̸ִ 翡 30 Ѵ ߱ ʿ . ̱ ˷ī Ż ũν ߱ 50 Ѵ ǰ ϰų . 2001⿣ ٸŸƮ Ϻ , ߱ , 츮 ߱ ڰ Asian zither ensemble IIIZ+ Ȱϴ ۰ ŸDZ Ϸð Բ âߴ. Ӱ â 12 ǰ , , ״, ⿡, 븸, Ϻ, ±, Ű, ̱ ߴ. 2005⿡ ̱ Ϲ б ƽþ а ߱ݺâ ڻ ޾Ҵ. ѱܿ ϴ Korea Focus , ּҸ ڹ Ȱ ̸ б ̴.

After graduating from high school in Juneau, Alaska, Jocelyn Clark spent many years in Japan, China, and Korea studying Asian arts and humanities with a focus on music. Having by now premiered over 30 new works for Korean Gayageum, Jocelyn has appeared as a soloist at the Jeonju Sanjo Festival, Korea, the International Sori Festival, Korea, Opera Latenight in Nürnberg, the Global Ear Series in Dresden, and the Asian Art Festival in Thailand to name a few. She is the co-founder and Director of the Alaskan new music festival, Cross- Sound. In 2001, Jocelyn founded the Asian zither ensemble IIIZ+ in Darmstadt, Germany with composer and percussionist Il-Ryun Chung of Berlin. Jocelyn has a 2005 Ph. D. from Harvard University in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. Jocelyn currently serves on the board of the Jeonju International Sori Festival, the editorial board of the Korea Foundation’s English language journal, Korea Focus, and a ‘Foreign Councilor’ to the Mayor of Daejeon. In Daejeon, she also works as a professor at Pai Chai University, teaching East Asian Philosophical Thought, Comparative Aesthetics, and other such subjects outside her area of expertise.

[Appearance Schedule / One Month Festival]
-7/17        National Gugak Center, Seoul, S.Korea
-7/20        Artist House (Auditorium), Seoul, S.Korea

Ÿ Ű | Miki Maruta()

Ű Ÿ ŸīŰ Ǵп б Ÿٿ , īֿ ׸ Ÿī ⱸŸ ߴ. 1990 , 2Ⱓ ̱ б û ǰ ǰ Ÿ ƴ. 1994 ȭû Ͻ ġ ͸ũ 佺Ƽ ָ ϱ⵵ ߴ. 2001 ù ‘Tori on Youni’ ߸ߴ. Ű Ÿ 1995 ù 븦 ̷ 츦 ߽ Ȱ Ȱ ϰ ִ. ׳ Ư 帣 پѾ پ ƼƮ Բ ϰ ִ. Ű Ÿ Ϻ ؿ پ 佺Ƽ Ȱϰ Ȱϰ ִ.

Miki Maruta graduated from the Takasaki College of Music with top honors. For two years beginning in 1990, she taught koto music and the jiutasangen genre as a guest musician at Wesleyan University in the US. In 1994 she was selected for an internship in the performing arts at the Agency for Cultural Affairs and that same year played at the 12th Interlink Festival. In 2001, she released a solo CD on King Records entitled ‘Tori no Youni’ (Like a Bird). After performing a solo recital in 1995, she began giving regular live shows primarily in the Tokyo area that feature a wide range of materials, from classic pieces to first performances of classic songs, recordings, and improvisation. While doing so she has utilized her flexible sensibility and adaptability to collaborate with artists across an array of genres. Maruta’s performances at music festivals both in Japan and abroad have also been warmly received.

[Appearance Schedule / One Month Festival]
-7/17        National Gugak Center, Seoul, S.Korea
-7/20        Artist House (Auditorium), Seoul, S.Korea

ġ | Yi-Chiel Lai()

븸 » -ġ ̴ ѳ ‘̳ Ŀ ũ’ IIIZ+ μ 븸, ߱, Ϻ, ѱ, ±, Ű, ̱, , Ȱϰ Ȱ ϰ ִ. -ġ ù ٹ ‘’ 븸 ׷ Ҹ ε 忡 Ʈ ũ ٹ ĺ ⵵ ߴ. -ġ - , - þ, - , -ġ , ʿ, ׸ ׽ 븸п л, Ÿ̱п ޾Ҵ. -ġ Ͽ̴б ڻ ϰ ִ.

Devoted to performing both traditional and contemporary music, Taiwanese native Yi-Chieh Lai has performed in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Turkey, the US, Germany and France as a guzheng soloist and as a member of the China Found Music Workshop and the Asian zither ensemble IIIZ+. Her first album ‘Transformation’ was nominated as the Best Folk Music Album of the Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan’s equivalent of the Grammys. Lai studied latguzheng under Hui-Mei Lin, I-Yu Chen, Rui-Yu Wang, Li-Chiung Chang, Wang Zhou, Manqin Zhao, and Ningxin Rao, receiving a B.A. degree in guzheng performance from National Taiwan University of Arts and an M.A. degree in musicology from Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently she is a PhD student in ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii.

[Appearance Schedule / One Month Festival]
-7/17        National Gugak Center, Seoul, S.Korea
-7/20        Artist House (Auditorium), Seoul, S.Korea

| Woongsik Kim(屸)

ܱб п ѱ ŸDZ׷ ‘Ǫ’ ‘ѱǾӻ(CMEK)’ μ Ȱ ϰ ִ. پ ׷ , پ Ȱ ϴ б, ѱб, б ⰭϿ ѱ ġ ִ.

Woongsik Kim is one of the most versatile percussionists. Most drummers in Korea specialize in one particular style but Kim is uniquely fluent and proficient in multiple styles. He is one of the most sought after sanjo accompanists and performers of new compositions by both Korean traditional style and Western style composers. Kim has been an active member of the ‘CMEK’ since 2003, a group known to frequently collaborate with Western composers and performers. He has also been a member of the renowned creative world music group ‘PURI’ since 1995. Woongsik Kim started out as a Korean classical voice major at the National Korean Traditional Music High School, but after encountering samulnori, he switched his major to percussion and studied at the Danguk University, where he currently teaches.

[Appearance Schedule / One Month Festival]
-7/17        National Gugak Center, Seoul, S.Korea
-7/20        Artist House (Auditorium), Seoul, S.Korea
-7/24        National Gugak Center, Seoul, S.Korea


۷ ǰ ּ. Ͽ콺ܼƮ ̲ ū ̵˴ϴ. (α ̿밡մϴ)