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Ư ְų â ũ ƴ, ϰ Բ ̾߱⸦ ڸ Ͽ콺ũ ǰ Ŀ Ͻø ?

[] 8
[] 1 ī
[], 02-576-7061, 010-2223-7061
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The unique concept in House of the House Talk is that the audience can catch the sight of the performers eyes and breaths in short distance. It promotes more intimate relationship and communication between the artists and the audience. The House Talk was initiated in November 2014, adopting this concept of direct communication between the performer and the audience rather than the general lecture-style talks.

At the House Talk, the audience can discover many different aspects of the artists that have been lying underneath their performances on stage. The topic is limitless. The audience can learn the artists unexpected thoughts and values, humble and easygoing personality, the music and the musicians of their admiration, what they had suffered in the past, daily lives of the present, and their future plans visions. Although some stories might have been exposed through media, House Talk provides live experience that cannot be conveyed by television screen or prints.

What do you say to grabbing a cup of coffee and having a cozy chat with Todays guest musician of House Talk?

[When] Every alternate Wednesday 8pm
[Where] Art Tree Cafe, 1st floor of the Artists House
[Inquiry], 02-576-7061, 010-2223-7061
[Admission] Advance booking is required and available on the House Talk
schedule. (Adults KRW 10,000, Under 18 KRW 5,000)