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64 . 20 Ȱϴ ۰ ǾƴϽƮ, ս о߿ â ġ ϰ ִ. 1986 ұ忡 <Chaos> ս Ͽ, ǰ ٸ İ ο ߱ؿ ִ. Ư 1990 Ϻ ǥߴ ǰ <Requiem> ź ׸ ӷ ν״. ̿ ֿ ǰδ 1982 <100ð Ÿ>, 24ð 12 ߴ 1998 <Ephphatha> ִ.

â ǻ, νз̼, ̿ ü ۾ , , 迵ȭ ۾ ؿԴ. 1995 ǰ 迵 MUTDANCE ǰ 18 ǥǾ, 2003ʹ ȭ ↓ָ ۾ ַϰ ִ. Ʈó׸ ѵϹȭ < > ֱȭ, ȭ  巹̾ , Ʈ, ġ, ȭ ָ â ؼ ִ.

ǰ ο õ ߱ϴ ۾ ӹ ʰ Ȱ Դ. ״ ȭ迡 ǽİ Ź α׷ ȹ ο ȭ ϰ ִ. 2002 ѱ ʷ ÿ Ͽ콺 ܼƮ Ͽ 14Ⱓ Ŭ, , , پ 帣 500ȸ 뿡 ÷ȴ. ѹα Ͽ콺ܼƮ dz ҷŲ ״ ǮѸ ȭ ǿ ִ.

Ư ״ 2012 7 ȹ <2012 , 佺Ƽ - Ͽ콺ܼƮ ѹα > 迡 ο з ߴ. 21 , 23 忡 ϰ 100 ôٹ ֵ 佺Ƽ ȭ 屸 Ҿ ̿ Ʈ ȭ Ȱȭ Ȯν ־. 佺Ƽ Ͽ콺ܼƮ 2013 ȭȸ ϰ , <2013 佺Ƽ> ( 65 ), <2014 佺Ƽ>(·· 94 ) ϸ ȭ迡 ο ؿԴ. ֱٿ 7 Ѵ 迡 ġ <ս 佺Ƽ>(2015, 2016, 2017) , Ϸ ۾ ʹȭ Ȯ ߿伺 Ҹ ִ.

â ۿ SNU , ֱȭ - Ҵϸ֡, ּҸ - ī Ÿþơ, ̽ ƽþơ, 2014 ̡ ǰ Ͽ, Ͽ콺ܼƮ 200ȸ Ͽ콺 ܼƮ, (Ǽ) å ߰Ͽ, 2010⿡ Audioguy ̺ Infinite Finitude ߸ ִ.

Composer · Pianist PARK CHANG SOO


Park Chang Soo, born in 1964, Seoul, South Korea, is a composer and pianist who has been internationally active since the 20th Century. Owning a distinctive place in the field of music performance, Park officially debuted in music performance in the Batangol Small Theater in 1986. Since then, with his works that embody different forms and styles, Park has relentlessly pursued freshness into his works. He is renowned for his work <Requiem (1990)>, performed in Japan, which showed forceful dynamism that emotionally moves people and demonstrated his potential as a performer. His major works include <100 Hours of Fantasia (1982)> and <Ephphatha (1998)> which he performed for 24 hours and 12 minutes.

Park has created total art using computers, installations, videos, and performing arts such as dance music, drama music, and experimental movie music. Following the music director Kim Young-Hees MUTDANCE, Park presented his music pieces in 18 countries worldwide. Since 2003, he has recently focused on adding his improvisational music on silent films.

He demonstrated originality in interpreting silent films with Unheimlich Special which was co-hosted by the Seoul Art Cinema and the Goethe Institute of Korea. He also performed on films of Carl Theodor Dreyer, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Erich von Stroheim, Ernst Lubitsch, and Jean Epstein in Jeonju International Film Festival and the Seoul International Film Festival.
His challenges even brought him to contribute to the National Cultural Foundation. Highly recognized as a competitive art director, he enthusiastically participates in developing the performing arts culture. Holding the first House Concert at his house in 2002, Park has ceaselessly held about 500 concerts of diverse genres such as classical music, popular music, traditional Korean music, experimental music, etc, which directly contributed to making a strong cultural foundation throughout Korea despite its small sizes.

Park created a new paradigm for the performing arts industry by holding the Free, Music Festival 2012 - House Concert in Your Town. Through the cultural projects that hold 100 concerts at 23 concert halls in 21 cities, The House Concert clearly showed the possibility of revitalizing derelict concert halls and rural citizens craving for the culture. Since 2013, The House Concert has been regularly hosting concerts at various cultural arts centers nationwide based on this festival, and has also proposed a new paradigm in the culture world by hosting <2013 One Day Festival> (65 simultaneous nationwide concerts all at the same moment) and <2014 One Day Festival> (94 simultaneous concerts from Korea, China, Japan). Recently, it has successfully hosted <One Month Festival> (2015, 2016, 2017), which held concerts from all over the world throughout the entire month of July, and continues to voice the importance of the proliferation of foundation of culture with a series of projects.

Park was the music director of SNU Experimental Music Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival - Son Image, Jeonju International Sori Festival - Musica Ataraxia, Voice of Asia and Ulju Odyssey 2014. He also published House Concert, When Open Its Door (Eumaksekye) to commemorate the 200th's The House Concert, and put his experimental effort into a free improvised album Infinite Finitude', released on the Audioguy label.